Our purpose.

Ever since we started Hetchr, our goal has been to empower collaboration and autonomy at work.  It’s a broad topic with thousands of approaches, but we strongly believe collaboration is a key to helping companies and individuals work with less stress.  

We decided to start our journey with software engineers because of the ever-evolving nature of the job.  Software development teams have to work together in a specific collaborative cadence that is unlike any other field.  New tools come out every day to address specific pain points, yet this influx of tools causes a pain point on it’s own.

An average employees uses 10-15 tools per day.  Most of these products have only 20-35% of features that are used, making data spread across a number of silos.  The natural reaction is to centralize only the features that teams need to collaborate.

Part of our long term vision is to provide developers the building blocks to build their own ATOMs.   Each software engineering team has unique needs, and no product should restrict those needs.  

The Hetchr Team

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