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Centralize your engineering tools.
Keep the whole team aligned.

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We centralize the main features of your everyday tools (PRs, CI, Kanban tasks) and build a live feed of everything.

Hetchr aggregates a "quick view" of your team's development status and gives you a way to manage tasks directly from our platform.

No more looking for project information. It's all in one place.

Introducing ATOMs.
The building blocks of your workspace. 

ATOMs are a new way to interact with your engineering tools: pick and choose what you want to see.

Connect your existing tools and use our custom ATOMs to get a full view of your project's status. Monitor progress, centralize notifications, and keep the whole team on the same page. We help you read and write data directly from our interface, without the need to switch context.

Connect your current tools in seconds

Quick installation process: connect one time and select the ATOMs you want to work with.

Save time
and gain visibility

Reduce the amount of time spent asking teammates for updates and trying to get aligned. All your project information is in one place, set up exactly how you want.

Happy testers

Our testers love Hetchr and you will too! Give it a try with no commitment needed.

Darren, CTO

“Hetchr is exactly what we need.”

Chris, Product Manager

“What you guys are building here is a solution to a big problem.”

Manuel, VP of Eng.

“You have a real opportunity to make a big impact.”

Ryan, Engineering Manager

“Would I use this? Absolutely.”

Ishwar, Senior Software Eng.

“I am really excited to see you bring this to life and can't wait to use it daily.  It's exactly what I need for my team.”

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We're currently onboarding testers with our first version and will be releasing new ATOMs over the coming weeks. We would love to have you join our early community and give your input on changing the way software teams collaborate!

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